Terms and Conditions

♦︎ The materials on this website, as long as they fall within these terms and conditions, may be used free of charge, regardless as to whether they are for personal, corporate, commercial, or non-commercial use.
♦︎ You are free to use them in social media, blogs, videos, icons, and wallpapers, etc.
♦︎ There is no particular need to contact me regarding usage.
♦︎ There is no need to credit the author. If you wish to credit the author, I would appreciate it if you would list the credit as YURUGIRL(https://yurugirl.com/).

Prohibited Items

❌ Usage for purposes which violate public order and morality.
❌ Offensive, discriminatory, usage of a sexual nature, and extreme and excessive usage that harms the image or reputation of the material, and any involvement with antisocial forces and illegal acts.
❌ Any attempts to redistribute or sell the materials as content or products (includes LINE Creators stamps, etc.).
❌ Any modifications that would significantly damage or impair the image or reputation of the illustrations.
❌ Any claim that you have created this material.
❌ Any and other circumstances determined to be inappropriate by the author.


Although you may use these materials free of charge, the copyrights have not been renounced or abandoned.
The copyrights to all materials are owned by myself, ZOU.

If within the terms and conditions, you may freely edit and alter the icons.
However, the presence or absence of any alterations, or amount of alterations, large or small, will not result in the conveyance or transfer of the copyrights.


The downloading of the materials is understood to mean that you have agreed to the terms and conditions.
I am not responsible or liable in any way for any issues or trouble that may occur due to the use of these materials.
Please note in advance that all terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: May I insert text (such as dialogue) into the illustrations?
A: Yes you may!

Q: May I make changes to the background colors, etc.?
A: Yes you may! I also have materials with transparent backgrounds available as well, so please feel free to use those.

Q: May I alter a portion of the illustrations when using them?
A: I ask that you please refrain from changing colors in portions of the character illustrations, altering poses or facial expressions, and altering the characters themselves, such as by tracing them to create different or alternate characters. If you wish to adjust or change the colors of the illustrations as part of the overall process of creating an image or video using the character illustrations, that will not be an issue.

Q: Will you accept any requests?
A: I am currently not accepting any requests.